Sharing your most basic beliefs, concepts or attitudes sets you apart from the crowd.

The writing app and productivity space is extremely crowded, but BlankPage zooms in right away on its mission in its welcome email: to reach your writing goals and write more than ever before.

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Here’s an “app abandonment” emails from, a tool that makes a customizable website based on your LinkedIn profile. Tyler from customer support offered personal help and guidance after noticing that I haven’t completed a key action — publishing my site — with a message 3 and 14 days after the “abandonment.”

Retailers get a bad rap for their email frequency, so much so that the rest of us may overreact by shying away from communicating about our product at all. Marketers and businesses also get caught in the acquisition part of the job — that all you have to do is simply reach people with the intention to buy your wares to make the sale.

But if you’re not sending any type of “abandoned app” emails, you’re very likely abandoning your customers. Leaving people to their own busy, distracted devices after they’ve expressed initial interest by signing up for a trial or take a look around is a missed opportunity to help them follow through.

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