Abandoned cart emails remind people about their intended goal — but that’s often much easier to pinpoint in a retail situation. You just refer back to whatever’s in the cart.

For SaaS, however, intentions aren’t as easy to identify, nor the memory of your product as strong, since people might not even remember signing up in the first place. Still — your ability to persuade, move, and ultimately sell will depend on supplying a compelling reason to return. Consider why someone might have signed up for a trial, and appeal to this goal in your emails.

Take a look at Zapier’s welcome email. It describes the value of Zapier in accordance with a new user’s intentions rather than the tool’s technical features, which don’t resonate as powerfully.Who doesn’t want to take control of their work and save valuable time? That’s a more powerful “abandoned cart” reminder than “come back, and you can connect a bunch of apps!”

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