Dot & Bo is a modern home decor and furniture site, whose cart abandonment campaigns resulted in a whopping 400% increase in revenue. They send one email 2 hours afterward abandonment, and then if you still haven’t completed the purchase, a second email, a day later, with a discount. The subject line and messaging is personalized and prompts a return to the site.

Optimal timing depends on context and the purchase itself. That’s something Dot & Bo is testing, according to Allyson Campa, VP of Marketing. As she explained to MarketingSherpa:

you might imagine if it’s a bigger purchase … a two-hour reminder may be too soon because, essentially, they’re considering this and running it by a family member or housemate and thinking about their budgets.

For SaaS products, the purchase timeframe probably stretches out beyond a matter of hours or a day or two. Take a look at your data and see how long it takes, on average, for customers who convert and use that as a benchmark to start testing your email timing.

Read more about what SaaS businesses can learn from cart abandonment emails

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