Farmigo is an online farmers’ market that delivers locally grown and produced food directly to your community. It’s all about the farm-to-neighborhood connection.

Greeting: Dear Janet, Thanks for joining Farmigo! Clearly you’re someone who loves delicious, fresh-from-the-farm food, and we’re happy to offer you a new way to get it.

The greeting here does a great job of making me feel part of the local food movement, enriching my sense of self-identity — which starts creating emotional affinity for a company I’ve just met.

Here the what comes next is brought to the forefront. The service involves a fair amount of logistics so the email makes clear what I have to do to get my first (incentivized!) order delivered and where to pick it up.

Finally, the last part of the email explains Farmigo’s origin story, mission, and values all while connecting to a certain community of people and tapping into powerfulemotions like excitement, inspiration, and pride.

Read more about how to write memorable welcome emails

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