Three more days

Your FogBugz trial will expire in three days!

We hope you’ve had the time to get a good feel for FogBugz and what it can help your team do.

Remember you can continue managing your project. Just go to Admin and Your On Demand Account 

Two versions to choose from

FogBugz comes in two varieties: an On Demand version that we host, or a version for your own network that you can install yourself. If you prefer to use the On Demand version you can simply enter a credit card on the Administration page and just carry on using your current installation of FogBugz.

Discount for buying Kiln with FogBugz

Keep in mind that if you add Kiln source control with FogBugz, you get it at a significant discount. For the On Demand version adding Kiln is just an additional $5 per user instead of the normal price of $25 per user. Kiln is 50% off if you buy the FogBugz developer bundle and  get both FogBugz and Kiln.

Let us know if you have any questions

As always we want to answer your questions and help you out in any way we can. Please email us  or call us.

Thanks for trying FogBugz!


The FogBugz Team

P.S. If you have a free Student and Startup account, do not worry–your account will not be disabled.

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