Hi Colin,

I hope you can help me with this little problem:

More than 25 % of people who create a new account with Eight Spots exit prematurely after the second step in the registration process.  I want to know what I need to change with the registration process to reduce this.

I noticed that you recently created an Eight Spots account, but exited the site between the second (taste survey) and third steps (select your go to spots and follow similar users).  I thought that these steps were critical in the registration process… but I’m not so sure given the number of people who don’t complete it (refer to the chart below for the stats).

I want to understand how I can make the account creation process more streamlined, and what I might be able to do to encourage people to complete the registration process.

If you’re willing to help out by spending a two minutes to share your thoughts with me as to why you exited the account creation process and what changes I should make, that would help me a lot!

You can reply to this e-mail and tell me what you think, or complete this really simple three question 60 second survey.

Have a great day,


Eight Spots


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