Nice email launching Appfog. Things I love:

  • It’s clear: 2GB ram free… then Simple monthly plans with additional RAM (4GB/$100, 16GB/$380, 32GB/$720).
  • Quotes from twitter using the @ as bullets – get other people to sell your product
  • Plain text – since geeks wont bite on fancy formatted emails

From the makers of PHP Fog comes a new multiple-language PaaS service,

AppFog: platform-as-a-service re-invented with the simplest pricing model

in the cloud.

Try it today:

PHP Fog is still the best place to deploy your PHP apps, we are not done

adding many of the PHP Fog features to AppFog. But if you want to try other

languages or other infrastructure providers, you should try AppFog today.

Starting today, AppFog is giving away 2GB of RAM free for running your apps.

Use Node, Java, Python, Ruby and of course PHP.

Deploy to EU, Asia, US in AWS and even Rackspace! Deploy with MySQL or MongoDB.

Simple monthly plans with additional RAM (4GB/$100, 16GB/$380, 32GB/$720).

Thousands of people love AppFog’s new pricing model:

@JonathanPidgeon: “The pricing for AppFog is rather generous”

@TechCrunch: “AppFog abstracts the complexity of Cloud” –

@GigaOm: “If AppFog really can move applications from cloud to cloud as advertised,

it will be a huge draw” –

@NerdGr8: “AppFog is just too nice! All of a sudden hosting my side projects

in the Cloud makes sense.”

@jtunny: “appfog looks promising, if it’s as good as it looks I might not need a VPS anymore.”

@nenadvulic: “I recommend @appfog for iOS backend dev. You should try it! #iosdev”

@treahauet: “O:  What sorcery is this?  A PaaS I might actually like?  @appfog”

@zackkitzmiller: “Uhh @appfog Y U SO CHEAP?”

Find out why and tell us what you think on twitter @appfog:

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