Dear Reader,

Today I have an important announcement for you.

In years of speaking at investment conferences, writing bestselling books, and providing market insight in my weekly articles, the one consistent feedback I get from readers is:

“Thank you, John, for all you provide… Now where can I get access to your research on specific investment opportunities?”

And often,

“Do you have a personal investment newsletter or research publication I can subscribe to today?”

Until today, I had to answer, “I don’t have a publication like that yet.”

I have been listening, though. And for the past year or so I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together an economic and investment research team for the specific purpose of uncovering and sharing what we see as the best investment opportunities available today.

So it’s with considerable delight that I announce the launch of the premier publication from my new outfit, Mauldin Economics. We call it Yield Shark. The investments we cover, the opportunities they represent – it’s all covered in the letter here.

But before you read the full letter, I wanted to tell you something important.

Because you’re a loyal reader, I’m making Yield Shark available to you on a Charter Subscriber basis. But please do note: There is only one Charter Subscriber slot available for every 60 readers who are receiving this invitation.. These slots should go quickly, so please respond today.

Or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Your excited for new opportunities analyst,

John Mauldin

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