Jun 27, 2011 was a Monday

Conversation with Kevin

Kevin Sounds perfect. Any preference on a part of town? 08:24 AM

Me Anywhere along the L would be great. I’ll take a look and suggest some places. 10:19 AM

Me I made a res at blue water grill. 31 union sq west. 4 ppl at 6:45. Is that ok for you guys? 03:49 PM

Kevin Perfect. 03:53 PM

Kevin Walking now, be there in 10 06:42 PM

Me Cool. It’s on 16 and usq west. Next to coffee shop. See ya soon. 06:43 PM

08:24 AM


Awesome update to ChatterAnalytics today. http://t.co/7RaACAk

  12:09 PM

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DJing in the We come from the internet. room. Come hang out. Now playing Ratatat: Gettysburg ♫♪ #turntablefm http://t.co/UdXf5Uu

  12:56 PM

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Whoever said your wedding day is the best day of your life obviously never heard about this day you had last year. We’d throw rice at you if we could.

Abe & team timehop

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