You’re Not Locked Out! – In Fact, You’re a VIP

Hi Colin Nederkoorn!

You may have noticed that logging in to Grooveshark via Facebook is currently unavailable. 

Instead, you can use your email address to login to Grooveshark! We’re also giving you three free months of Grooveshark Anywhere, which will be credited to your account when you login.

Login With Your Email

It’s a one-step process. You’ll be prompted to create a password.

With Grooveshark Anywhere, you’ll enjoy:

– No advertisements. Seriously, none.

– Access to our mobile applications for your supported mobile devices.

– Unlimited storage space in your library and Favorites.

– Access to premium Features before anyone else!

Will this cost me money? No, it’s totally free for three months with no obligation to renew. Sweet and simple, right?

When the trial is over, what happens to my account? Your account remains exactly the same, minus the Grooveshark Anywhere perks. You won’t lose any songs or playlists.

Why is Facebook unavailable? Check out our blog post for all the details.

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