Welcome to your Nest Energy Report. This is a summary of how much energy you’ve used heating or cooling your home in April, plus some tips to help you save more. We think what we’ve sent today is a pretty good start, but it’s your energy and your home, so we want to hear from you. 

What do you want to see in next month’s Energy Report? Tell us what you think 

Nest Energy Report for ____________


April 1 – April 30

Summary for Home for April

You used 12 hours heating and 4 hours cooling. Check Energy History on the Web or Mobile app to see exactly when your system was on. 

Learn more  

You earned 13 Leafs

The national average: 21 Leafs this month.

You earn a Leaf by saving energy for at least an hour a day. Learn about the Leaf 

Auto-Away turned on 9 times

The national average: 7 times this month. 

Nest turned on Auto-Away for 29 hours this month. 

You choose the temperature Nest sets itself to during Auto-Away, so make sure it’s energy efficient. More about Auto-Away 

You turned Away on for 2 days

The national average: 3 days this month. 

You turned on Away for 27 hours this month. 

Instead of waiting for Auto-Away to kick in, start saving energy the minute you leave by turning Away on manually. More about Away 

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